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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Hi,this time I want to make full review about Technorati! The best blogging source and information for bloggers!From the last post about this topic,I just give you rough information but now I want to detail it!

What is Technorati?I think some bloggers already know this term but for new bloggers maybe this is new to them!Technorati is the main source for all bloggers from all parents (blogspot, wordpress, soulcast, etc) to share their blog in one biggest network!With some cool feature such as blog ranking,popular tag,ping update and many more!Now I want to show you some of Technorati feature!

Classified blog
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In Technorati,every blog are classified according to their meta tags string!Example;if blogger wrote about football and tag it,Technorati will classified it as sports!So that,easy to us to find what type of blog that we want to see by using this classified blogging.Technorati also offers search by tag that made searching more easier!

Top blogs
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In Technorati,every blogger target to achieve 100 Top Blogs!This ranking is not permanently and always change according to that blog activity,ping update and link to that blogs!While I type this post,Engadget was 1st ranking in top 100 blogs!Just see their blog link...what can I say...huhu..It has to achieve this..but with hardwork!you can!but it takes time!

Top searchers and tags
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For those who are new to blogging,this feature may help them in finding the best content for their blog that will increase thier traffic.With this top tags and search,you may take these as a referrence for your blog content!This tag also not permanently and will change according to user search!Example;if many user search for 'money' tags then it will be in the list!

What benefit if I register with Technorati?

My Profile on Technorati (16/8/06)
(click to enlarge)

This is my profile on Technorati.When you register with Technorati,they will give you a profile with your claim blogs.You can claim your blog as many as you want.For every claim,I will display your blog ranking,link to your blog and tagged that you assign in blog configure!You can assign your tag up to 20.So,juz think some word that is hot and place to your tag site!huhu..but it must be relevant to your blog content!

Blog configure
(click to enlarge)

After you claimed a blog,a special configure to this blog will must enter your blog description,your reasonable blog tags and choose your blog's primary language.After you set it,you must paste the HTML code to your blog,I recomended at your blog sidebar.If you don't paste the code,the claim process will not complete!

Ping your blog

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What is ping?Ping means update your blog to Technorati server.When you ping your blog by clicking update ping,Technorati will tell to others that you updated in.Tips:to up your ranking,you must always ping your blog with new post!

(click to enlarge)

Did you discover your favourite blog when you search in Technorati?Just add that blog in your watchlist!this feature is like bookmark.You can any blogs that you like unlimited!Cool huh..

Ok,now what your opinion?want to join or not?I recommend you to join this community to enhance your blog.Adioss!-zooltech-

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Technorati : Alternative way to BOOM your blog!

Stil find the best solution to promote your blog?or new to blog?Maybe Technorati can help you!this is the best place to blog beginner to being popular(huhu..maybe!)!This site will help you to show your blog to the world!How?By using blog linking..this is the biggest blog linking in the world..about 51 milion(just now statistic!) worldwide blog they handle!With this also you will get your blog ranking according to how often you update...other blog that link to your blog..if many blog links to you..the ranking will incrase!try to archive top 100 popular blog!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

UPDATED:New Affiliate Program List

Name: CheckMyStats
Income Rate: 4 over 5 dollar ($$$$)
Description: I recommended you to join this Affiliate program!High rate paying for every refferal!
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TEN Reason Why Your Blog Cannot Make Much Money!

In this session I want to give you reason why some blogger cannot earn much money with their blog even though they had running it for many years and put their ads.I hope for those blog that have this syndrome.Juz take this action!

  1. Not enough time - when you decide to be a blogger and earn money from your blog,you must at least update a new post once every 2 days.So that people will not become boring to read the same article!
  2. Giving Up too quickly - Most new blogger that want to make money from their blog easily give up if they cannot archieve what they target!So I recommend your the best key is be patient!
  3. Non commercial Topic - some topics are easier than others to find significant income streams for
  4. Lack of writing skills - like it or not, blogging is a written form and unless you are able to write you’ll almost always struggle
  5. Breaking the Rules - some bloggers get greedy and break the rules, either of the ad programs they use or the unwritten rules of blogging
  6. Distractions for the core functions of a blog - many get caught up in one of the many distractions that challenge bloggers and forget to concentrate on their actual writing of quality content
  7. Unluckiness - sometimes a blog’s success hinges on a lucky moment - miss it or fail to take the opportunities that come and you might miss significant rewards
  8. Taking Readers for Granted - I’ve seen a couple of blogs over the last year or so that fell over because the blogger became so self important that they forgot that a blog rises and falls upon whether it’s readers find the blog useful to them.
  9. Spreading self too thinly - many bloggers have the gift of being visionaries (a good thing) but fail to have the gift of realism. The result is that many start things that they have no way of seeing through or spread themselves across too many projects too quickly (to the detriment of all of them).
  10. Lack of Focus - hyperactive bloggers who flit from one unfinished project or idea to another without seeing anything through tend to fail to build sustainable blogs.
I hope this reason may help you in guiding your blog to your success and earn more bucks!see me more at my latest post!-zooltech-

Friday, August 11, 2006


Hi,this time I want to show you some tips,how to promote your blog and make people always come to read your is the tip:

1. Ping and other search engines. When you ping a blog, you are telling the search engine that you have updated your blog content and that your listing should be refreshed. is a blog update notification service that many individuals and services use to track blog changes. Pinging your blogs to the search engines is the fastest way to get the search engine robots to visit your blog. Also, many people browse these sites to find something new.

2. Submit your blog address to blog search sites and directories. You can submit your blog's url to websites such as Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex and Popdex. For a complete list of websites where you can submit your url, go to

3. If you have some cash you can promote your blog using pay per click search engines such as Yahoo Search and Google Adwords.

4. Set your blog to display RSS feeds and submit your blog's RSS feed to the major RSS feed directories online. A good place to start is provides a list of the top RSS directories.

5. Put your blog URL in your email signature. If you're a regular at any online discussion forum, you can also add your url to your signature line at the bottom of each message you post.

6. Install a blogroll. A blogroll is a collection of links to other weblogs. Services such as Technorati spider your links to tell who's linking to you and who you're linking to. If you show up on someone's Technorati link list for their site they're likely to visit your site to see what you said, increasing your exposure. Blog owners can also visit your site to check it out if you show up on their referral logs.

7. Be an active commenter. Try to leave comments on the blogs that you regularly visit. Most comment systems also provide a way for you to leave a link back to your blog which begs a visit at the very least.

8. If you plan to have anything printed up, put your blog's web address on it. You can print your blog URL on business cards, stickers, leaflets, etc.

9. Take advantage of blog software features that help to promote your Blog. For example, if you're using Blogger, you can do this by turning on: "Email This Post", "Post Pages" "Site feed" and the Blogger Navbar. These features will help attract new visitors to your blog.

10. Exchange Links with other Bloggers or blog owners. This is another effective strategy for generating targeted traffic to your blog for free. It involves contacting other blog owners for a possible link exchange partnership. All you have to do is locate blogs that are related to yours and contact the webmaster to swap links.

11. Write articles or free reports for other webmasters to publish and put your blog url in the byline. The 'byline' is the short paragraph that goes at the bottom of each article and describes who the author is and what they do. If you write good content, your articles will be published by other webmasters and many readers who like your article will go on to visit your blog.

ok,i hope this tips will help you to increase your website traffic to earn more money and more tips for you next time-zooltech

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Nowdays,blogs is a popular platform for people to express what they want in their mind than free website hosting.Blogging is the simplest way to archieve it.So,for new user..How to start a blog?

Firstly,you must make a sketch about your blog.What is the theme of your blog.Tips:To attract many people to surf your blog,be sure that you choose the theme that many people like to read,example: computers,technology,exotic car,etc.Be sure that you don't make a blog about yourself,your family history..this will not attract people to your blog.You also can make something different to attract people like write an article about coffin or something that other not done yet!

Next step is to find a platform to start ablog.After decide your theme,then you must a blog platform to start a blog.I recommend you one of these blog hosting to start your blog.They are blogspot, soulcast, wordpress and blogdrive.

Then,join an affiliate program to earn some bucks.Make sure you choose the right affiliate program or it became a scam.At my blog I recommend you some good affiliate program!juz read my post below!-zooltech-


What is website traffic?Why does every website need their own traffic?ok,website traffic is a link that connect your website with internet user that surfing your page.So that,if many user connect to your website,your website traffic will increase!that means your website is popular!So?haw to get your website targeted?there is a tips that help you to increase your website traffic:

Content of your website --this is the main factor to increase your website traffic.To get your site targeted,your website content must interesting and can attract people to your website again!Example topic that can attract people to your website:Game preview,exotic cars of technology.

Give free eBook --what is eBook?eBook mostly like a normal book but only electronic devices that supported can open it such as PC.You can give an eBook for free for those who come to your website!So that they can tell others about your eBook.Easy huh?But,your eBook content must also interesting.

Promote your website -- You also can promote your website at any community website such as friendster bulletin,forum or anything promoting mehtod!

Advertise your website -- This is the last way to increase your website traffic by advertising your website to others website link by fund some money to the advertiser!How?Google AdWords can help you!Refer to my side bar!

For more tips,juz wait for my new posts...stay tune with my blog!-zooltech-


What is website 'sticky'?'Sticky' means you drag your visitor to your website again because they likes your website content in other words we call it unique visitor!So that your website traffic will increase.So here are some tips to make your website sticky:

Free Information :
The Internet is the "Information Superhighway." The best way to introduce yourself to your prospects is through providing Free information on your web site. No matter what you are selling: be it nutrition products, cleaning products, business products, etc., you can find information or create information to provide with it. Do a series of continuing articles, where visitors must return to the site every day or two to read the next part.

You can find an amazing range of articles from the Web-At-Work Online Marketing Center that can be used on your website. This unique site is a members only based knowledge bank and included in the membership fee are 10000+ articles with 2500+ categorised plus 1200 + categorised links on internet marketing, loads of downloads plus much more

The Web Poll:
You can set-up a web poll for visitors relating to the product or service that your website provides.
People love web polls, and people like to know what others are thinking.
For example an effective poll for website providing a travel service could include questions relating to preferred destinations, modes of travel etc..
Not only is this kind of feedback useful to the owner of the website but also the visitors like to know what's popular and what is not . You can give a deadline for the poll so that visitors may return to see results.
Web polls can be set-up for FREE by visiting

Offer content that changes daily (or even more frequent). This could be news, sports info, investment info, entertainment, daily recipes, etc.
You can add the very latest news to your website and target the information by topics and categories that fit your site. Newsfeeds are free and are provided by

Free software
Why not provide free software downloads for your visitors. This will keep visitors at your site and if you keep the software updated you may find that you will get return visits. Also the downloads do take time to complete and this extra time at your website may result in a sale or extra lead. Free software is an ideal tool to make your site sticky as the visitor is unlikely to leave until the download is at least complete. Free software can be found at,being the most popular. Choose the relevant software and and make a direct download link from your site.

Provide hundreds of links to needed tools.:
Offer a service which people will need to use periodically. For example a website that compresses GIF images. Or a website with a great collection of financial tools and calculators. How about a website which displays current weather conditions. Try to come up with a service related to your industry, that will keep your prospects.

So,this is the simple step to make your website sticky!juz try it and see the result....Adios-zooltech-

Saturday, August 05, 2006

List of Affiliate program that I recommended to you.

Clicksor -
An affiliate program that offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text or displaying targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs.Aside from earning a 70% profit share from displaying our contextual ads, you are also able to earn up to 85% ad revenues for displaying your own ads. Payments are based on a net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You may select to receive your payments by Check (min. payout: $50), or Paypal (min. payout: $20). Revenue totalling less that the minimum payout amount will be rolled into the following period--------->Click Here To Join

Excellent affiliate network currently featuring 112 offers that you can sign up to advertise. Most of the programs are for e-commerce sites, giving you a certain amount for each lead or sale you send them. The site offers all of the standard statistics through an attractive interface. You must apply and be approved for each individual offer prior to advertising it (I've been approved 99% of the time). They pay every month and are very good with tracking stats and sending payments. The only negative thing I have really experienced is that the $50 minimum payout is a little high. If you are eager to get some programs running on your site quickly and easily, this could be the right match for you------->Click Here To Join

InboxDollars - Do you want to get some buck with playing game?or done a survey?This Affiliate program suits to you.Even you sign up,you will get $5 for free------->Click Here To Join

JumpForce -
The JumpForce Affiliate Program is your one-stop answer to all affiliate program needs. We provide our affiliate partners with comprehensive tools and money-making programs that produce proven results. Earning money on the internet doesn't have to be hard, and we realize that a strong affiliate program is the key to everyone's success. Simply put, "If our affiliates didn't make money online, neither would we"! Our Affiliate Program provides the tools and knowledge that are necessary to earn a substantial income over the internet from home------>Click here To Join

TextLinkAds- A simple Affiliate Program but you can earn so much money.Text Link Ads are unique because they are static html links that can drive targeted traffic and help your link popularity which is a top factor in organic search engine rankings.Text Link Ads are priced at a flat rate per month per link. You prepay for a 30 day run of your ad. Your ad will never be turned off if it gets too many impressions or clicks. Our pricing algorithm factors in a website’s: traffic, theme, ad position, and link popularity when setting the flat ad rate per month------->Click Here To Join

How to make money with your own blog or website?

Welcome to my blog.In this blog I will show you some tips to make money with your website or blog.You know that every website or blog have its own potential to be a marketing site without selling a product.Ok this is some tips,enjoy to make money now!

  • Join Google Adsense -Google Adsense is the bez way to make some cash.Be a publisher,put your ads on your blog and start to earn money!How to join?Juz refer at my sidebar!

  • Affiliate program -what is affiliate program? affiliate program are pay per click affiliate programs that work by paying to the website a small amount over the incomes of products and services sold by the affiliate. In general, this commission ranges from $0,01 to $0,20, which although may seem too few at first glance, still moves an amazing amount of money on the whole affiliate market everyday. Such prices may vary accordingly to how much the subject of the site (or the keywords in the advertisement) is searched through engines such as Yahoo or Google.Inside the affiliate marketing, there are respective automatic systems in which the webmaster is also affiliated with internet search engines.

  • Digital Assets - Increasing numbers of bloggers have been developing other digital assets to support and add revenue streams to their blogs. By this I mean that I’m increasingly seeing e-books, courses and tele-seminars being run by bloggers. My recent foray into this with the first series of the six figure blogging course that Andy and I ran a few weeks ago and have just released the study version of. This type of activity will only increase in future - in fact this week I’ve seen numerous examples of bloggers running courses.

  • Sponsorship - In addition to the array of advertising programs that are available to join there is a growing awareness in the business of the value and opportunity that exists for them to advertise directly on blogs. These are not isolated cases - as I say I know of many blogs exploring sponsorship with advertisers at present and suspect we’ll see more of it in the year ahead. Sponsorship is also happening on a post by post basis with some bloggers being paid to write on certain topics by companies - either in one off or a regular fashion.

  • RSS Advertising - The past 12 months have seen some advances in RSS Advertising also. I’m yet to hear of any bloggers making big dollars through it to this point - but as improvements are made to the ad programs exploring this I’m sure we’ll start to see examples of it being profitable.
These are example to to get profit from your blog or website.There are many more tips including sell your product in the internet!So...catch up with my post-Zooltech