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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Hi,this time I want to make full review about Technorati! The best blogging source and information for bloggers!From the last post about this topic,I just give you rough information but now I want to detail it!

What is Technorati?I think some bloggers already know this term but for new bloggers maybe this is new to them!Technorati is the main source for all bloggers from all parents (blogspot, wordpress, soulcast, etc) to share their blog in one biggest network!With some cool feature such as blog ranking,popular tag,ping update and many more!Now I want to show you some of Technorati feature!

Classified blog
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In Technorati,every blog are classified according to their meta tags string!Example;if blogger wrote about football and tag it,Technorati will classified it as sports!So that,easy to us to find what type of blog that we want to see by using this classified blogging.Technorati also offers search by tag that made searching more easier!

Top blogs
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In Technorati,every blogger target to achieve 100 Top Blogs!This ranking is not permanently and always change according to that blog activity,ping update and link to that blogs!While I type this post,Engadget was 1st ranking in top 100 blogs!Just see their blog link...what can I say...huhu..It has to achieve this..but with hardwork!you can!but it takes time!

Top searchers and tags
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For those who are new to blogging,this feature may help them in finding the best content for their blog that will increase thier traffic.With this top tags and search,you may take these as a referrence for your blog content!This tag also not permanently and will change according to user search!Example;if many user search for 'money' tags then it will be in the list!

What benefit if I register with Technorati?

My Profile on Technorati (16/8/06)
(click to enlarge)

This is my profile on Technorati.When you register with Technorati,they will give you a profile with your claim blogs.You can claim your blog as many as you want.For every claim,I will display your blog ranking,link to your blog and tagged that you assign in blog configure!You can assign your tag up to 20.So,juz think some word that is hot and place to your tag site!huhu..but it must be relevant to your blog content!

Blog configure
(click to enlarge)

After you claimed a blog,a special configure to this blog will must enter your blog description,your reasonable blog tags and choose your blog's primary language.After you set it,you must paste the HTML code to your blog,I recomended at your blog sidebar.If you don't paste the code,the claim process will not complete!

Ping your blog

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What is ping?Ping means update your blog to Technorati server.When you ping your blog by clicking update ping,Technorati will tell to others that you updated in.Tips:to up your ranking,you must always ping your blog with new post!

(click to enlarge)

Did you discover your favourite blog when you search in Technorati?Just add that blog in your watchlist!this feature is like bookmark.You can any blogs that you like unlimited!Cool huh..

Ok,now what your opinion?want to join or not?I recommend you to join this community to enhance your blog.Adioss!-zooltech-


Blogger fauzan said...

info yg bagos pasal technorati..i need to register it now..

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